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Wireless security cameras are easy-to-install and affordable, too. A WiFi spy camera can be installed indoors or outdoors, and most models use DVR recording to capture video images. Most wireless spy cameras should be placed indoors, but outdoor-specific models are a good choice to monitor doorways, garages, and business facilities.

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With remote viewing and motion sensor technology, The Home Security Superstore has the right wireless spy camera for your property. WiFi spy cameras are less expensive than you think. We can help with that too. Whatever you need to monitor — your teenagers, your doors, or your business — wireless spy cameras are a smart addition to any home security system. Protect What Matters.

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It has the standard built-in iSight camera, which, with the right software, can turn your Mac into a spy cam. Just install the Spy Cam software and the Mac becomes a very expensive but useful surveillance device. If you think the camera installed in your Mac is just for FaceTime and laptop selfies, think again. Your Mac is valuable.

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Spy Cam uses motion sensor technology and the camera to turn your Mac into a surveillance device. Preferences are straightforward with standard check boxes for settings, slider bar for video clip size, and an option to select multiple cameras.

Mac Compatible Hidden Cameras

Video clips can be stored on Dropbox but an option to store on iCloud would be useful. Spy Cam can help identify a thief, too, because video clips are auto-uploaded to Dropbox, and a log is made of every video. One anecdote to pass along regarding Spy Cam.