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NPS settings for Mac Authentication Bypass (MAB) using x - Route My Packet

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  • NPS settings for Mac Authentication Bypass (MAB) using 802.1x.

Start your 7-day free trial. I wear a lot of hats LVL Can you explain more on "roles based on MAC address"?

Configuring Microsoft NPS for Aerohive 802.1X Authentication

Craig Beck Commented: You'd need one rule per MAC address if you were to do that. I too am interested in what you actually want to achieve in the end. It's unclear to me and maybe using the CallingStationID attribute isn't the best way to do things. We won't know until you tell us what you actually want to get from this though.

The Mac addresses have to go somewhere, ad users honestly seems the easiest as scripting those from a csv is super simple http: Download the guide. I'm just thinking maybe MAC isn't the best way to skin the cat Aaron LVL 1. In Aruba I can assign roles based on what the radius server returns, which allow me to assign vlans and firewall rules specific to that role. I need to be able to assign a role so I can assign specific roles to a user if they are mac authenticated and if not I don't assign those roles. I was just trying to avoid the creation of thousands of ad users with just a mac address as the username and password.

I have no issue scripting it. It just seems like a lot of garbage in my AD infrastructure and potential security issue. What methods do others use to lock down those users to ensure they can only be used for radius mac authentication? All I really want is the radius server to look up a mac address and if it exists in the store wherever that is, returned a specific role or simply 1 would work too!

[Wi-Fi] Configure RADIUS Server 2012 for Wireless Authentication

It seems simple and from what I am reading about freeradius, it can look in a mysql database and do just this. Create a new security group just for MAC-Auth. Add it to the MAC address user account, then set it as the primary group and delete Domain Users and any others that may be added. You just want the group you created to be there.

802.1x MAC authentication with NPS RADIUS on UniFi switch

Ultimately they are the same thing though, just implemented differently. I did see that but wasn't sure if that was required. If it is then yes that will certainly break PEAP so maybe I can't do this anyway without a separate radius server. I'm not even sure you really need that either anyway Put MAC addresses in specific security groups and assign roles based on that.

I would also have to setup deny groups perhaps at the root domain level to stop those users from logging in. It won't do what you're thinking Try it and see. Ports in common areas make a network vulnerable to access by guests and other unauthorized users. Unauthorized users are prevented from accessing to the wired LAN because each device that connects to a switch port will need to be authenticated before network access is granted.

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When a device connects to a port with an access policy assigned, before network access is granted, the device must be authenticated by the RADIUS server. The username and password combination is always the MAC address of the connecting device, lower case without delimiting characters. Upon receiving this message, the switch will grant network access to the device on that port. It is possible however, to configure the switch to drop devices into a Guest VLAN when they fail to authenticate. Below is an example of a basic MAC-Based authentication exchange.

See Figure 2 for example user account. Figure 4. Figure 5.

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