Mac and cheese crock pot recipe with cream cheese

Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese is super creamy and cheesy with no boiling or pre-made noodles and no velveeta or condensed soups! Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese has gone through a number of different methods and recipes in our house before we settled on this one. No cornstarch or flour is needed and this recipe is a hit every single time. Did I mention easy? Slow Cooker: The perfect size for side dishes for people, this slow cooker is an absolute bargain and a workhorse. Evaporated Milk: Different than condensed milk, evaporated milk is actually milk with half of the water content removed.

This makes for a thicker, creamier milk but without the high fat content of heavy cream. Not the best fit for this recipe. Cook on low for 90 minutes to 2 hours If your slow cooker runs hot, check at 90 minutes. Show me what you made on Instagram or Facebook and tag me at DinnerthenDessert or hashtag it at dinnerthendessert. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. We have out-of-town family coming to visit this weekend, this will be perfect!

Everyone loves mac and cheese and I love easy!! Have you doubled this recipe?

Soul Food Macaroni and Cheese - NO Velveeta, NO Eggs! - I Heart Recipes

It will take about the same cook time, possibly a half an hour extra when doubling this recipe. Good decision with doubling the recipe to make sure everyone gets some because this one goes quickly! I have doubled this recipe! It took me 1 hour extra to get it where I thought it was set up enough. But I took liberties on evaporated milk substitutions while doing it too.

I boiled down left over whole milk from the recipe, and used our half-and-half we use for coffee to substitute for the extra evaporated milk I needed. If you followed exact, it might take an extra thirty, but we left it a little longer to absorb the extra liquid from my substitution. I was worried at first but told myself to forget about it and just wait and see while I wrapped presents, and it ended up scrumptiously. Hey Sabrina! Question for you about cooking time if I double the recipe. Do I up the time to min to 4 hours or still keep it at 2 hour max?

Check it at the 2 hour mark and if it needs to go longer, give it another half hour max. Sorry it took me awhile to respond.

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The holidays are crazy around here!! Hi Sabrina.

How to Make Crock Pot Mac and Cheese

I am going to make this on Saturday for a holiday party! Is the pasta amount correct? Yes, half a box!

But for a party you may want to double. Also since doubling I recommend stirring after every hour. Half a box of pasta was not enough for the serving size stated. Also, there was so much sauce in comparison to the noodles.

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I had to boil the rest of the box and add. The recipe should list the 16oz box in the ingredients not 8. Thanks for this super easy recipe! I made a double batch of this for a potluck and it turned out so delicious! It disappeared in 10 minutes. Grating it myself was definitely worth it.

Followed the recipe exactly except I bumped up the spices a bit and used smoked paprika. My only suggestion is to spray the pot with cooking spray first, to hopefully make clean up easier. It is a bit more work but glad you were able to see that it was worth it! Thanks for coming back to let me know! I love being sneaky too!! I would recommend using well drained frozen spinach because fresh spinach will release too much liquid while cooking down.

I made this today and I am very pleased. I think it would have benefited from being stirred halfway through but I stirred it as soon as I lifted the lid when it was done and all was well. I used mostly sharp cheddar cheese as that was what was one hand. I am sure I will keep this recipe as the template for future mac and cheese meals and experiment with the cheeses.

This may sound like a silly question, but if doubling up the pasta, do you also double up all ingredients? Thank you. I think next time I will add a little more milk and cream cheese. Thank you! I made this — it was super easy! Will still enjoy it! It sounds like it needed to simmer longer to thicken up. Try that for next time. Any suggestions for next time? It gets harder to figure out timing when you double it because generally the noodles closest to the outside will cook faster than the noodles that are in the middle of the slow cooker. Maybe just make it in two separate slow cookers to avoid the issue all together for next time.

Best Slow-Cooker Mac & Cheese - How to Make Mac & Cheese In A Crock-Pot

Any ideas on how to not make the sauce grainy? So glad to hear you loved the taste!! Usually graininess comes from bagged pre-grated cheese. Try grating your own next time. That should help. Question-I do you think shells would work as well?


It would depend on the thickness of the shells. I made this for a cookout potluck at my work. I doubled the recipe and it was ok. It got really thick, I added some water. But then when it was time to eat, someone had unplugged my crockpot and moved it, so the mac and cheese wasnt that warm.

I know thats not the recipes fault! Even with being kinda thick and not very warm, it was still gone by the end of the hour! Thanks for this great recipe. This was my first slow cooker meal but it came out pretty good.

Creamy Crock Pot Macaroni and Cheese

I tripled the recipe so we can have enough for guests. It took about 2 hours and I stirred it every half hour to make sure it cooked evenly. I used Kraft shredded triple cheddar with smoked Gouda that I shredded myself. The flavor was great! I added bacon which paired well with the smoke flavor of the Gouda. Serve immediately. To loosen the cheese sauce if you have let it sit or if you prefer a thinner sauce, add additional milk to the crock pot a little at a time and stir in until the macaroni and cheese reaches your desired consistency.

Creamy Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese

Freshly grated cheese should be used for this recipe, NOT pre-shredded bagged cheese. Try subbing some of the cheddar for a different kind of cheese. Monterey jack or colby would work well. Nutrition data should not be considered a guarantee. Please see our full Nutrition Data Disclosure. This post contains affiliate links. We were skeptical at first too! You just need to start checking after 2 hours, every 20 minutes or so. Pasta, if cooked too long, tends to get gummy if sits in a slow cooker for too long. With the elbow noodles! The evaporated milk, whole milk, and cheeses slowly melt together into perfectly creamy sauce.

You really only need to stir it once before serving. Meaning it's pretty perfect for mac and cheese. We wouldn't. There's already a decent amount of milk in here anyways. If you only use milk, the sauce would be kinda watery and soup-like. It also wouldn't be as rich. Heavy cream has wayyy more calories and fat and would take the decadence of macaroni and cheese to a whole new and unnecessary level. admin