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Mac screen sharing also allows you to remotely view and take control of another Mac's screen. This can be very handy for getting or giving help with troubleshooting a problem, getting answers to questions about how to use an application, or simply accessing something on your Mac from another computer. Macs come with built-in screen sharing capabilities, which can be accessed from the Sharing preference pane.

The Mac's screen sharing capability is based on the VNC Virtual Network Computing protocol, which means not only can you use another Mac to view your screen, you can use any computer that has a VNC client installed. The Mac offers two methods of setting up screen sharing ; one appropriately called Screen Sharing, and the other called Remote Management. The two actually use the same VNC system to allow screen sharing. To confirm changes to your certificate trust settings, you will need to enter your system password.

For example, your Windows PC may be a super beefy machine you use to do compiling or rendering. Connecting to a Mac from a Windows PC is a little different. Just like with Windows, you first have to set up your Mac for screen sharing. Then enter a simple password. The VNC Viewer comes as a standalone executable. You do not need to install it. Simply double-click to start the application.

Share the screen of another Mac

It works with the use of internet connection regardless of what connection you use. With this app, you can share screen to another computer with ease. Apart from mirroring the screen to your PC, you can also mirror your phone to your computer in case you want to. This is good in case you want to play your mobile game on a bigger screen.

With that, you can use the ApowerMirror.

This is a powerful and user-friendly app which allows you to mirror Android to PC , stream iPhone to computer etc. Furthermore, this app can also let you take full control your Android smartphones using mouse and keyboard. Besides these, you can also take a screenshot and record the screen of the phone.

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Those are the tools which you can use to share screen between two computers. You can now share your demos, lectures, movies gameplay and other things to another person. Just choose the one you think is perfect for your needs.

Connecting to Windows PC Clients from a Mac

Open the action center by clicking the speech bubble icon on the lower part of the screen. Note that you need to wait for a moment until the computer detects it. In this way, you can mirror PC to PC. Simply launch the app and the mirroring receiver will then be discovered.

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